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Pets are beloved family members
who live on the floors and the furniture.

And accidents happen.

Let's talk about the bad news, and then the good news, when it comes to pet urine.

Pet urine can soak deep down into the carpet backing, padding, and — in extreme circumstances — it can penetrate into the sub floor. When any of these issues occur, two problems come into play here:

• The urine odor
• The urine discoloration

Urine odor can come and go as the humidity rises and falls. As San Diego moves into the humid season, I get more and more carpet pet urine odor related phone calls. The reason for the increase is — as the acidic urine crystals break down, they pH shifts over to the alkaline side. As the acid urine reacts with the ammonia being created, it forms alkaline salts. The alkaline salts are hygroscopic (they absorb moisture from the air) and will increase as the humidity rises. The result is: carpet urine odor. Then, when the humidity drops, the odor goes away until the humidity rises again. This is the reason home owners smell the urine odor one day (HIGH HUMIDITY) and the next day it's gone (LOW HUMIDITY).

I clean, neutralize, and treat the most challenging carpet and furniture pet urine issues. Depending on the homeowner’s expectations, there are multiple ways to approach these issues. In order to successfully remove the urine contamination, all the effected surfaces and layers have to be addressed. In extreme circumstances, this may require treating and flushing out the carpet backing, disengaging the installation, changing out the padding, and even sealing the sub floor.

As a licensed carpet installer / carpet cleaner, Richard Midgely specializes in this type of work, unlike the typical carpet cleaner who cannot disengage and re-install the carpet to treat the underlying damage in the backing, padding, or sub-floor.

The homeowner may also be OK with topically treating the area, knowing that the animal will continue to have pet accidents. This approach will not address the deep down issues, but it will help manage the ongoing pet urine situation.

I offer a free evaluation

I have numerous specific pet urine treatments for all situations ranging from topical face-fiber treatments to deep restorative processes designed to penetrate deep down into the carpet backing and padding. The processes I use are designed to neutralize the urine odors and also to eliminate the urine yellow discoloring. Normal carpet cleaning detergents are NOT designed to treat specific urine contaminated fabrics, and therefore have a very limited effect.

Urine issues have to be treated with specific processes over and above the regular cleaning method to be effective.

A typical carpet cleaner is not capable of addressing sub-surface issues as this may require disengaging, re-installing the carpet, and pad replacement. This is no problem for me at UK Carpet Cleaning. I am a highly-skilled licensed carpet installer with over 40 years of experience. Whatever your situation, I can advise you as to the most suitable and cost-effective way to solve this challenging issue. It is more cost-effective to remediate the damage than it is to purchase new carpet and flooring.

Thank you for reading.
Please feel free to call if you have any questions about this article or anything else.

Serving San Diego County areas including Scripps Ranch, Poway, Rancho Bernardo, 4S Ranch, Tierrasanta and surrounding areas

UK Carpet Cleaning also professionally cleans upholstery, tile & grout, and your precious area rugs.

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