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Pet Owners: You're in Good Hands

Carpet Cleaning Services
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Pet accidents are a very common problem. I offer numerous treatments, and I can help you find the solution that works best for you.

Pet accidents can range from a one-time event to multiple deposits in the same area. The complicating issue with pet urine is that it is usually multi-layered. The urine can soak deep down into the carpet backing, padding, and it can even penetrate the sub floor.

Usually there are two issues that have to be addressed - color change and odor. Pet urine can add and remove color from the fiber, and over time, it can permanently discolor the fiber.

The second issue is the associated odor due to bacterial action.

If the contamination is limited to the face yarns, then a topical neutralizing treatment may be satisfactory. More often than not, the contamination has to be addressed through multiple layers utilizing specialized extraction equipment and treatments specifically designed to treat the contamination.

In the most severe cases, it may be necessary to take up the carpet, clean out the primary and secondary backing, seal the sub-floor, replace contaminated padding, and then re-install and clean the carpet. As a licensed flooring contractor, I am licensed by the state of California to perform this type of process.

In the event new carpet is the best cost-effective option, I can refer you to a reputable carpet wholesaler. Why pay retail prices?

I cannot 100% guarantee complete odor removal, even if the sub floors are sealed and new carpet is installed. Odors in general, including pet accidents, if left untreated, can be absorbed into surrounding porous materials — upholstery, dry wall, base boards, beds, and fabrics are all capable of absorbing odors.

Depending on your needs, I have multiple options available to treat pet accidents. Some of my clients accept that their pets will continue to have accidents and are happy with a frequent maintenance schedule. Others are not. It's good to consider all options!

At UK Carpet Cleaning, our carpet cleaning experts always take each situation and each home differently to proceed with the best cleaning solution possible. We use only the safest and most effective solutions and are always up-to-date on the latest industry equipment and cleaning techniques.

The Personal Floor-Care Approach

One of the great advantages of hiring Richard at UK Carpet Cleaning is that it is an owner-operated business. Richard Midgley, master cleaner, will be at every job — each and every time you call. Don't settle for a different, unknown hired employee when you need your carpets and upholstery cleaned correctly the first time!

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