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Expert Carpet Cleaning Service

UK Carpet Cleaning will deep clean your carpets according to carpet manufacturers’ specifications. This specified cleaning is required to keep your warranties intact.

Richard uses an advanced cleaning tool called a rotary extractor instead of the common steam vacuum scrub wand. The rotary extractor produces superior results with a constant circular cleaning action that passes gently over each fiber of carpet from every angle, top to bottom, 936 times a minute. Compare this to the common scrub wand, which the operator pushes only forwards and backwards over carpet. The rotary extractor is constantly cleaning at 936 cleaning passes per minute, morning noon and night, as opposed to a physically exhausted operator using a scrub wand.

However — Is using top-of-the-line equipment a guarantee of a high quality cleaning process? No, in the same way as owning a top-of-the-line stove will not make you a gourmet chef. Everything has to be synergistic. You have to have the correct education, system, experience, and equipment to produce top of the line results. Richard takes over where other cleaners fail.

Your cleaner, Richard Midgley, has been cleaning carpets for over 20 years. He has achieved the highest cleaning certifications available - Master Textile Cleaner.

For best results, Richard has a water softener right in the van, so we only use soft water to clean your carpets. Typical hard water from the tap is not as efficient at cleaning as soft water.

For every professional job, UK Carpet Cleaning follows a complete 10-step professional carpet cleaning process. You can see this process outlined at the bottom of this page. Please take a look!

Pet spots and hair? Stains? Heavy foot traffic? Burns? Richard has the exceptional training and experience to handle the toughest problems with your carpet.

Richard knows carpet. He is a California licensed, bonded, and insured carpet installer (License # 532972) with over 37 years of experience installing carpet.


Carpet: Repair + Cleaning
If you need both carpet repair and cleaning, then schedule them together with Richard — in one convenient visit — and receive a 25% discount off the minimum charge. Richard is highly skilled in carpet cleaning, repair, and installation.

Ask Richard about WHOLESALE FLOORING pricing.
He has access to wholesale flooring pricing not available to the general public. If you need carpeting, hardwood, or tiles (natural - ceramic - porcelain) let us know!