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Stubborn Red Stains

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Stubborn Red Stains

The stubborn unsightly stains in your carpeting or furniture upholstery are not very easily removed by the overall cleaning method. Stains must be treated in advance with specialized stain removal processes and solutions. Color-added stains (like pet urine, coffee and tea spills, and greasy food stuffs) can be successfully removed, so rest assured that you probably will not have to replace your carpet just because of an ugly stubborn stain. I specialize in carpet and upholstery STAIN removal.

If you have a stubborn stain on your carpeting or upholstery in your home or business, or if you have carpeting that is loose, torn, or buckled, please feel free to call me. I'll be happy to discuss your options. I also offer free estimates and discounts for cleaning and carpet repairs completed in one convenient visit!

Recently I was able to fix a bleach-damaged carpeted step at a home in Rancho Bernardo. Carpeted steps can be individually replaced with that extra carpet left over from the original installation. And if you don't have any extra carpet, I can use a "donor piece" out of a hidden area in your home — like a closet.

Oil Stains on Olefin Fiber Carpeting

Due to the fibers poor resilience, olefin is generally utilized more in low, tightly-constructed loop pile carpets rather than regular tufted carpets where olefin can rapidly mat / crush and not spring back to its original shape.

A negative downside to olefin is that it is oleophilic (oil - loving), therefore I utilize specific cleaning detergents and techniques to remove maximum oil and soil from the carpet. Most people automatically think of automotive oil, but other oils are found in and around the home:

black top oil on a hot sunny day is easily tracked into the home. Skin oil and a whole range of cooking oils — to name a few — are attracted to olefin. Olefin has its benefits as it is solution dyed. The result being it has no open dye sites ready to take on household dyes stuffs. Bleach will not take out all the color from the olefin fiber. Olefin is also fade resistant to ultraviolet and fume fading.

There is no perfect fiber.