UK Carpet Cleaning

Professional vs Rental Machine

Hire a professional carpet cleaner
for best results!

A new residential carpet can generally have a life span of about 8 - 12 years if cared for and maintained properly. You can actually achieve more than double this life span with periodic professional cleaning — done carefully and correctly by an experienced expert.

More often than not, homeowners choose to replace their carpet prematurely when it begins to look dull and dingy or matted down in the high-traffic lanes due to daily wear and tear.

Some home owners may choose to use a rental carpet cleaning machine from a grocery store — but this can quickly destroy your carpet investment which could lead to early and costly replacement.

A rental machine has a relatively weak vacuum to extract the soap and water during the cleaning process. Among other problems, poor extraction can be a common cause of rapid carpet re-soiling and premature aging.

On the other hand, UK Carpet Cleaning uses powerful, state-of-the-art, truck-mounted equipment to get your carpets as clean and healthy as possible. Deep cleaning can eliminate bacteria that create odor and allergens, and can also remove the very small — but sharp — bits of dirt and debris that can destroy carpet fibers relatively quickly.

An experienced professional makes all the difference

Richard has been called "The Wikipedia of Carpet" for a reason. He is a highly-skilled licensed carpet installer with over 40 years of experience, and has achieved the highest cleaning certifications available - Master Textile Cleaner.

Proper expert cleaning can also spring your carpet's matted-down high-traffic lanes back to life in a way that will sustain the health of the carpet fibers and prevent fast re-soiling and re-matting. Improper cleaning with low-quality machines and unrecommended methods could actually weaken and damage the fibers and result in a shorter useful life of the carpet.


Stains and Spots: an experienced professional carpet cleaner can safely and effectively remove all types of stains with very advanced techniques and solutions.

A rental machine cannot.

Residue: the soap and detergents left behind by weak rental and dirty machines can cause carpets to wear sooner and re-soil much faster.